About Us

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Who We Are

Pragmatic Homes Limited is a Real Estate company that is into Acquisition, Development, Marketing and Sales of Land and Houses with available Titled Land from our Land bank and we are registered in Nigeria.

Since commencing business, we have delivered a full spectrum of real estate consulting, marketing, development and sales services within the country and beyond.

Our Mission

To build and provide a value for money, innovative platforms for customers as Well as providing infrastructures and convenience required to make acquisition of home possible and livable

Our Vision

To be the Leading Real Estate company in Nigeria and beyond; providing quality, flexible and affordable housing scheme.

Our Core Values

Our values create a sense of shared identity within Pragmatic Homes Limited, what we stand for, how we do things and our priceless relationship with our clients.


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Our work environment fosters team spirit through open communication, synergy, respect, valuing the unique experience and expertise that everyone brings to the table.


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We exhibit to our
esteemed client, honesty, strong moral principles, moral uprightness and a tradition of trust.


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We recognize the ever-changing global trends and the need for building with the future in mind. This reflects in our style of operations, unique designs, and quality of projects.

Customer Centric

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We are driven by our passion for quality and commitment to standard services.

Quality Assurance

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Customer satisfaction and Value for money is our watchword

Our Services

Our range of services creates an avenue for easy and profitable real estate transactions.

Land Aquisition

Site acquisition: including, civil and technical site survey, soil test and proper land documentation
• Site design: including programming and specification

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Infrastructure Services

We undertake every phase of the job, from clearing and perimeter fencing to grading and landscaping, drainage, electrification and proper road network.
We have the experience, tools and manpower.

Project Development

We also provide project development services at Pragmatic Homes. This could either be direct project or joint venture development.

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Marketing & Sales

We are specialized in deploring the right marketing mix in identifying needs of our target clients’ especially finding off-takers and delivering value for money services through our competent network of marketers and consultants.
Our competitive advantage in the real estate industry also lies in our flexible payment plan giving priorities to income earners.


We undertake sourcing for Professionals, building components and equipment for our clients.

General Contracting & Project Management

Projects and construction management are of paramount obligation to us at Pragmatic Homes, thus ensuring the successful completion of projects and fulfilling client’s expectations on schedule and within budget.

Client reviews

Here’s what our clients are saying…

Pragmatic Homes is a genuine a reliable real estate company, Thanks for helping us secure our first property without hassle.
Mr. & Mrs Adams
We are always glad to work with pragmatic homes because they do not compromise on quality and that makes us efficient too.
Brookdale Construction
When you work with Pragmatic Homes, you can be rest assured that you are partnering with a company that has your best interests at heart.
Ade Alade

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